Constructora Hidrobo Estrada today is directed by Franklin Hidrobo Estrada, reflecting the values and traditions founded with the Hidrobo Estrada Group of Companies. Since 1985, this name is identified in Ecuador with the highest levels of excellence, trustworthiness and honesty in our work.

From the moment that we assume a commitment with our clients, our thoughts, energies, and resources are channeled and concentrated in order to obtain uncompromised quality, competitive pricing and on time completion. Our goal is to be a company that keeps its word, works in harmony with local communities, works to preserve the environment and puts special emphasis on the personal safety of its employees.

Communities Relations

Constructora Hidrobo Estrada maintains excellent relations with the local communities located near the work sites; in particular with the Amazonian communities. Our personnel respect and support the invaluable cultural and natural patrimony of the native populations. During work in progress, employee meetings are held constantly to reinforce this fundamental principle among the personnel.

Environmental Harmony

The preservation of the environment is one of our greatest concerns during any work in progress. We have an Environmental Plan with specific instructions about environmental protection and in each one of our projects we maintain environmental supervisors. They coordinate all activities concerning protection of the environment.

We maintain strict control concerning the application of environmental norms and specifications contained in our Environmental Plan and in other national & international environmental regulations in order to avoid any negative impact on ecological systems.

Within the Constructora we are conscious that we execute important construction projects in fragile ecological zones and we do it with a great sense of social responsibility because in this manner we contribute to the dynamic development of Ecuador for the benefit of the country.

Industrial Safety

We place particular emphasis on the security of our employees, our equipment, and our installations as well as those of our clients in order to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of work place safety & hygiene based on our "Safety & Hygiene Regulations".

Regularly our workers receive appropriate training as per our Company Safety Manual about personal safety, use & maintenance of safety equipment and proper care of materials, equipment, and tools to guarantee the physical well being of the employees. In this way, we maintain the highest standards of industrial safety. Our goal is always zero accidents.