Constructora Hidrobo Estrada is an engineering and construction company based in Quito, Ecuador. Our main activities involve roads, bridges, well pads, pipelines, electro-mechanical installations, treatment, covering and final close up of mud pits, drainage & sewage systems and camps. We also work in road asphalting & maintenance and other civil construction. In urban areas, we do master plans for drainage systems, as well as the construction of streets, avenues and buildings.

Other areas of the Constructora's experience include the mining & provision of crushed and sieved gravel & sand, soil testing and road design.

Our expertise includes of the following areas of construction:

  • Preconstruction planning
  • Construction management
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction
  • Provision of skilled labor
  • Provision of equipment & tools
  • Control of costs and scheduling
  • Material management
  • Safety planning and implementation
  • Community relations
  • Industrial security
  • Environmental engineering

Our Main Clients

Constructora Hidrobo Estrada works with the most prominent firms of the international oil industry that operate in Ecuador. Our work in the Amazon jungle requires an extraordinary level of logistic support because of the particular characteristics of the region and we have the skilled personnel and specialized equipment to undertake any type of oil field project.

We also work for various Ecuadorian public institutions, such as the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOP), the Metropolitan District of Quito, as well as the Provincial Councils and Municipalities, etc.

We work together very closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction based on clear common objectives, rapid execution and realistic strict cost control.